Digger Dan continued: He didn't have a name then. Kind of a generic guy, he was. I thought he was just another of the old derelicts that searched the dump for scraps of food, or anything that he could sell. That was years ago, before Nam. He just sat there hunched over, looking off across the dump, watching a little girl and several baboons separating big white kernels of corn from the trash and red dirt of the land fill. He didn't get up and come begging like the others that hovered over the dump. He just sat there watching, while I unloaded trash from my Land Rover.

When I finished he waved me over to where he sat. He patted the old tractor tire as if it were a good seat. I hesitated, then sat down beside him. His face was wrinkled and dusty, but I could see a set of clear eyes looking me square in the face. He put his arm around me and grasped my shoulder with a well worn, gnarled hand. He just looked at me, his eyes drilling into mine. I guess I expected him to beg for something, but he didn't... More.

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